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Trevligt att träffas!

Nice to meet you!

Let us begin this page with a little story about us: We are Stefan, Kimberley, Elin and together with our dog Scruffy we live in Södra Ström, Årjäng. We are originally from the Netherlands, Zaanstad, close to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands we explored the countryside by taking long hikes, photography tours and rural holidays. We loved the opportunity to camp with only a few belongings. A throw back to nature!  

Now we own 8 hectares of land just outside Glaskogen Nature reserve. We couldn’t be more lucky! Wildlife is just around the corner, but also the preserved flora and fauna are stunning. With only 20 minutes away you will find yourself in Norway in Haldenkanalen Regionalpark where you will find more Scandinavian nature. A perfect spot to explore by SUP.

Would you like to know more about us? Please see our Facebook or YouTube channel for updates and movies. Or leave a question behind on our contact page.

Hej då!

Glaskogens Gård and its future

Glaskogens Gård is a place of harmony and balance. We have established a mini glamping area within Sweden’s Nature without harming it’s preservation. The site consists of a market garden, farm land and 5 bell tents. The market garden is set up in different sections whereas each sections contains a small polyculture. Although we have planted the vegetables, herbs and flowers, we let nature do its ‘thing’ to ascertain a diverse pick.

Our farm land is small and humble, but big enough to feed our animals. We let them graze freely on our ground while guests enjoy their stay. Both will not interfere each other as the tents are placed separately from the farm land.

At last, our bell tents. Each bell tent is placed on a wooden deck slightly above ground. This ensures stability and dry ground for our tents and guests. In every tent you will find a modest living and sleeping area. Outside there is a fine place to sit and relax.

For our near future we hope to settle more cattle, a glass house and unique sleeping places. Thanks to our sustainable living and …….

“Hi, I am a certified drone pilot and can assist you in designing marketing materials for your business. I am experienced in Adobe programs and together we can create a personal style for your company.”

“Hello, I am an International Business Management Bachelor and entrepreneur in Dog care. I’ve had my own business for over 5 years concerning Dog walks, Doggy daycare and Dog trainings.”

My name is Elin and I am just a happy two year old. My favourite character is Greta Gris (Peppa pig) and I enjoy playing outside.

“Scruffy is my name. I have been in this family for over 6 years now and have had my own business, Scruffy’s Vriendjes. I walked the dogs while we lived in the Netherlands, but now I enjoy my old days here in Sweden.”