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at Glaskogens nature reserve

Nature hikes

May 19, 2022 by admin

Glaskogens Gård is only 10 minutes away from the border of Glaskogen Nature Reserve. Therefore, our site is an ideal hide out while exploring the reserve for multiple days. The area is 28.000 hectares big and has around 300km of walking trails. The environment offers great wilderness, beautiful environments and diverse flora and fauna. The region can be accessed throughout the whole year, but spring and autumn brings you the most vivid colours.

Would you like to take breakfast, picknick or dinner with you during your hike? We can arrange an amazing basket full of local goodies to keep you energised! Ask us for more information.

There is limited supply, so make sure you order your basket in advance

Start your hike at Lenungshammer early in the morning.

Family hike (easy) – 5km

Glaskogen Nature Reserves offers a 5km walk for hikers who are not that advanced. It is an informative trail that is accessible for young families with strollers. The hike passes a lovely Café where you can enjoy your little Swedish Fika. Along the route you will find signs that describe interesting know hows about the reserve, like geological and historical features.

The route can be accessed all year round.